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NPO Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer to send and hold jointly the
information on the research activities and the commercialization of Nano
structured polymer that give an influences us for the economy and society through the
commercialization of plastics.

PMC, Polymer Based Micro Composites, shared the knowledge and information of polymerbased
micro-composite materials under the so-called Japan Technology Transfer Association
March 2000 April 1988. After PMC activity, We started Nano Structured Polymer Institute
from April 2001.
We were continuing to work very useful exchange of information of the Japanese nano
structure polymer. In July 2002, NP O (a nonprofit corporation) was certified as an
accelerated movement of the new organization. And more, NPO Research Association of
Nano Structured Polymer started TPE (Thermoplastics Elastomer) technical Institute from

Outline of Association
Name: NPO Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer
President: Yoshihisa Kano Dr.
Director: 13 members
Number of members:
about 60(personal)
Corporate member: 10 companies
(exclusive TPE member) (exclusive MNM member)
Office: Plastics Ages Co.,Ltd uchikannda3-2-12 youkoubuilding 6f,chiyoda-ku Tokyo

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