20210917 9th Micro ・ Nano molding open conference

9th Micro / Nano molding open conference

The development of various high-performance products using surface microstructures has been further accelerated in recent years and is being expanded to various application fields.
In order to impart these surface functionality, many elemental technologies such as precision mold processing, precision machine control technology, molding processing technology, and structural analysis / evaluation are indispensable.
In this conference, we covered important elemental technologies and development research to realize micro / nano molding devices. As an example of nanoinprint technology for micro / nanostructure control, plastic molding technology for realizing microstructure transfer, and application development, we focused on sensor device research and picked up the latest research topics. We look forward to your participation.

Organizer: NPO Research Association of Nanostructured Polymer
Date: Friday, September 17, 2021 13: 00-16: 20
Methord: WEB held by Zoom

13:00-13:10 Greeting by Toshio Nishi of President of NPO Research Association of Nanostructured Polymer
13:10-14:10 Title Development of Heating & Cooling Mold and Evaluation of
 Heat & Cool Molding Technology           
          Yasuhiko Murata Nippon Institute of Technology
14:10-15:10 Title Optical nanoimprint stepper technology at AIST
           Kenta Suzuki AIST
15:10-15:20  Break
15:20-16:20 Title Development of non-invasive body fluid component sensing device
          Kuniaki Nagamine Yamagata University
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Members of Research Association of Nanostructured Polymers members: free of charge
Non-members: 10,000 yen
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Nanostructured Polymer Research Association (NPO)
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