20211008 20th Nanostructure Polymer Exchange Meeting

20th Nanostructure Polymer Exchange Meeting

So far, the Nanostructure Polymer institute has held exchange meetings in the form of a one-night, two-day training camp every year. However, due to the violence of the new coronavirus last year, all exchange meetings were held online, and it cannot be said that the discussions were as lively as the face-to-face ceremony. However, everyone who participated and the secretary members have the impression that they have become quite accustomed to online. This year, we do not know the status of the new corona at the time of the exchange meeting, but we basically held it face-to-face and planned it with a view to changing to online holding in some cases. The exchange meeting is a tour of the’Bridgestone Innovation Gallery’ with the kindness of Bridgestone. and Mr. Aida of Bridgestone will give a keynote speech on “the world’s first polymer that combines rubber and resin at the molecular level” with very interesting content. We think that it is very useful as a place for exchanging opinions among members engaged in plastic materials and molding. We hope that the participation of many people will further activate the Nanostructure Polymer institute.
[Date and place] October 8, 2021 (Friday) 13: 30-17: 00
3-1-1 Ogawahigashi-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo 〒187-8531 Bridgestone Innovation Gallery
TEL: 042-342-6363
Capacity: 20 people (Deadline: September 19)

13: 30-13: 40 Opening remarks
Yoshihisa Kano, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Chairman, Nanostructure Polymer institute)
13: 40-14: 40 Keynote speech: High-strength ethylene-based elastomer with self-healing properties
Mr. Shojiro Aida, Bridgestone Corporation
Coffee break
15: 00-16: 50 Tour: Bridgestone Innovation Gallery
16: 50-17: 00 Closing remarks
Mr. Toshio Nishi, Representative Director, Research Association of Nanostructure Polymer

Participation procedure
Course fee: Nanostructure Polymer Research Association member free, non-member 5000 yen
How to apply:
Member: Please log in to the website and select a lecture from the lecture participation contact.
Non-members: After logging in to the website, please select a lecture from the lecture participation contact and contact us. Alternatively, if you need an invoice with your name, company, department, telephone, email address, address, etc., please contact us by email to the address below.
[Member of Nanostructure Polymer Research Association]
Director, planning manager
Mashita Narihiko Bridgestone Corporation
mail: mashita@ransp.jp
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